We at Kettle Black like stories. We like the darkly twisted insides of stories told by campfires, we like ghost stories delivered under blankets by torch-lit faces after lights-out, we like our hearts skipping beats when we catch our reflection in the mirror of an unlit hallway: we like being scared. And what’s more: we like doing the scaring.

Our manifesto as a company is to explore the nature of being scared: anything from the uncanny fear evoked through the absurd and the supernatural to the psychological fears that patchwork together to form human nature. We aim to seek out coal-black humour, intimidation and menace and see how well they play together. We want to spook, laugh and question our way through stories and we’d like you to join us…please, we may need a hand to hold if we get too scared.

We will be producing new work and invigorated adaptations and are keen to find new writers, performers and designers to help us explore these exciting and terrifying ideas. As well as rehearsed productions we will be hosting monthly residencies called ‘What are you afraid of..?’ which will be open to comedians, musicians, actors, writers and all those who slot in between and will be an opportunity to perform and see new work of all genres.

If you’d like any more information, have any questions or just want a chat drop us a line at info@kettleblack.co.uk

Thank you for visiting us today, we’ll try not to disappoint.



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